Interim Director: Dr. Peter Cooke

The central goal of the Core University Research Resources Laboratory (CURRL) is to enable the research and educational communities within and around the University by providing easy access to sophisticated research tools and scientific expertise in order to facilitate sponsored research and formal training objectives through a financially sustainable plan.

A multi-user Microscopic Imaging Core Suite (MICS) located in Skeen Hall includes modern scanning and transmission electron microscopes equipped for digital imaging, laser scanning confocal and stereofluorescence microscope systems, a revolutionary high resolution atomic force microscope, ancillary modern preparative equipment for sample processing and computer systems for digital image analysis and processing along with expert guidance and technical assistance with multidisciplinary applications.

A Molecular Biology Molecular Analysis Support Unit (MolBio MAS) located in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Building provides experienced DNA sequencing support, including Fragment and Microsatellite Analyses, along with technical assistance for other multi-user instrumentation for molecular analyses.

An X-ray Diffraction Laboratory (XRD) located in Gardiner Hall houses a new, multi-purpose x-ray diffractometer platform that is highly adaptable for complementary analyses of a broad range of materials.